Personal time off (PTO)


When you start, MUI lets you, mostly, choose the work equipment of your choice. You get some guidelines and a budget. The budget can be used for a new laptop, screen, desk, or anything that improves your work environment and is compatible with your role.

Regular allowance

All roles. A baseline of $70/month. People can use this credit for up to 24 months in the future. So effectively to have an initial grant of up to 1,800 USD.

Then, depending on the case:

Special budgets

What can I expense?

If you're not sure if something can be expensed, just respond to this email to confirm before purchasing. In general, the stipend covers:

  1. Laptop (Macbook M2 or better)
  2. Monitors
  3. Desk or chair
  4. Ergonomic keyboard, mouse, or other accessories
  5. Monitor arms or clamps


What we recommend as good defaults: